Beauty is good...

This is from the Face Card Lifestyle Series

Detail of the Queen of Diamonds

The Queen of Diamonds Paying Bills, 2011 - pencil and watercolor, 20" x 26" - $800.00


Detail of Eustace Tilley

Details of two paintings

of Eustace Tilley

or the Comte d'Orsay

another Eustace Tilley!


The face of the Queen of Spades

Details from

The Queen of Spades


Masterpiece Theater

her torso

the hand



ian as the jack of diamonds

Ian as Jack of Diamonds

from The Face Card Portrait Series


cup of herb tea

The perfect place setting, fruit, flowers - anything can be the basis for a picture.

Above: Cup of Herb Tea

ARCHIVAL PRINT: $125 plus $24 shipping

Below: Fuchsias and Jonagold Branch, watercolor and pencil on paper

ARCHIVAL PRINT: $125 plus $24 shipping

jonagold apples with fuchsias


radiant mother

The Radiant Mother


Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

    Queen of Hearts as Mother with her Child



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